Friday, November 18, 2011

Anonymous Confrontation

I have a few opinions about things in life.  You know that if you read my blog, and you know it even more if you have had conversations with me for any amount of time.  I am opinionated.  I confess it, and I own it.  So let me give you my honest opinion about people trying to confront others by sending unsigned letters... 

1.  You are SELFISH.  I cannot think of a more selfish, self-preserving, self-motivated action than to write a letter of condemnation to someone else without letting them know who sent it.  

2.  You are a COWARD.  Writing the address in box letters and sending it from a generic place so no one can trace it back to you shows that you are scared and don't have the convictions of your words to stand behind them.

3.  You are UNLOVING.  In the church, this is one of the most damnable traits of all.  If someone is truly wrong, it would be a loving thing to tell them in a loving way.  A letter that looks like a ransom note is not loving.  By the way, the charge you are making better be scriptural sin if you plan to rightly confront an issue in the life of another Christian.

4.  I will IGNORE you EVERY TIME.  Because you are an unloving, selfish coward, it is not worth the time of day for me to actually take to heart anything you try to say to me.  If it was an important issue that was truly hurting my Christian witness, a truly loving brother or sister in Christ would lovingly address it to my face, with great concern for my spiritual well-being; not take pot-shots in a ransom note.

With that one has sent me one of these types of notes - recently, anyway.  I am not referring to a personal attack or instance of this.  Someone on my worship team at my church had a cruel note sent to them by a gutless coward and I am filled with what I believe is a "Righteous Anger"!  It is not for myself.  It is not because my feelings were hurt.  It certainly isn't because I'm afraid that what they said was true!  It was an ignorant and non-scriptural "opt-ed  piece" being vomited all over one of my church family members. 

If this viper has the where-with-all to try to stick up for their act of cruel cowardice, I would be more than happy to explain to them exactly why they are nothing but wrong for this very stupid act.  Try to stick up for yourself on this, you disreputable snake.  I dare you!

By the way, you are not anonymous to God.  He knows who you are, and He will protect His people.  You will give account for every careless word spoken (or written).  I am ready to account for what I have written here.  My name is connected to it.  How about you?

Told you I was opinionated.


Sue W. said...

P.S. You are forgiven.

I wish we were living more supernatural lives – not just signs and wonders, but how we respond to great offense.

Ryan Budde said...

"Supernatural living" should be defined by "walking as Jesus did;" would you agree? Jesus called Peter "Satan" once, saying: "You do not have in mind the concerns of God, but merely human concerns.” (Matt. 16:23) Jesus once made a whip, turned tables over and drove people out of the temple for their sinful behavior (John 2:14-16). In the church, He expects His people to treat each other in love, and be concerned about what God is concerned about. When a church person heaps personal abuse upon a church person, it is detestable to God, and as the shepherd of this local body, I will not allow it to go on. I was not sticking up for myself because of a personal offense. I was addressing a sin of one person against another and an act of cruelty and cowardice that I believe God Himself finds intolerable. Yes, they can be forgiven, but they should make restitution, immediately.