Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Holy Spirit

We have been talking about the Holy Spirit in our church services for the last couple of weeks.  It is interesting that Jesus told Nicodemus he must be "born from above" to see the kingdom of heaven.  Jesus went on to call the experience, "Born of water and of the Spirit."

What do you suppose that means?  How are we "born of water?"  How are we "born of the Spirit?"  If this is being "born from above," what part do we play in the whole thing?

I would suggest that baptism with water is a more important part of beginning a relationship with Jesus than we Wesleyans sometimes treat it.

I would also add that being born of the Spirit is not taught very well or addressed very much in our salvation messages.  We talk about believing, but Jesus said we will not enter the Kingdom of God without being "born of the Spirit."  How does that happen?  Do our churches reflect an understanding or experience of life-change that evidences a "New Birth" in our people? 

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Gerald Huff said...

I think the first question should be, How are we "born of the spirit?" Because without that, being "born of water," is meaningless.

To go beyond believing and to take action, confessing and repenting of our sins, excepting Jesus as our personal saviour. That's when the promise concerning the "Holy Spirit" (born of the spirit)is fulfilled.

To be "born of water" is to be baptized. It's an outward expression of our faith in Jesus Christ.

We have only one role to play in being "born again." We can either except or reject God's gift.

If I have oversymplified this feel free to correct me. :)

Your last question...Do churches reflect an understanding or experience of life change.... I think the understanding of and the experience of a "New Birth" does happen, which leads me to a question that I so often ask myself..... If I truly believe, If I'm truly committed to following Jesus, then why do I and a majority of the "Christians" that I know continue to follow meaningless pursuits, the big house, two cars, ect.,? Why do we fall back to the sins of our past?Why don't we get into our Bible more (or at all), or pray more, so that we can develop a strong relationship with Jesus. And so that we can speak with confidence to other people about our faith, if we speak at all. Instead of pursuing secular work, why aren't all Christians pursuing some type of ministry work?

In a nutshell, what I see reflected in our churches today is a weak faith. As an individual in the church, I am guilty.

I should stop now, this is turning into a sermon rather than a comment. :)