Thursday, April 28, 2011

God's Grace

When you talk with someone who is broken by their own sin, and the guilt of their actions is overwhelming them, you might give them this kind of consolation:

"Hey, God will forgive you for these things. After all, all of us have sinned. Don't beat yourself up about it, just ask Him to forgive you, and get back in the game."

These words are comforting to a person truly filled with godly sorrow. What a joy to know that God will always forgive those who confess their sins.

Another person who has been in an ongoing pattern of sinful living is confronted for their actions with the scriptures only to have them respond not with repentant sorrow or submission to God, but more of a defiant attitude. When they use the same words as you gave the person consumed by their guilt; saying, "Hey, everyone sins; I'll just ask forgiveness for it," you kind of feel sick inside. Those words seem hollow and meaningless, and are less about grace and more about indulgence.

Have you experienced these two kinds of people before? How do you feel about them when they speak to you? Do you think they will both receive forgiveness from God when they ask? Do you believe God is pleased with both of them? What is the difference between these two people?