Monday, March 26, 2012

Bosses Who Get Great Results

A good boss understands that relationships matter.  People will work harder for someone they like. 

Too many bosses simply try to "rule" their employees.  No one likes being "mastered".  Being "commanded" is even more demotivating.  Using your position of authority to force someone into action is not the most effective method of leading.

In the church, we have a great challenge.  Bill Hybels has said that the church is one of the most leadership-intensive organizations in the world, because we have to find a way to motivate people to serve of their own free will.  We don't hold a paycheck over their heads; they don't get promoted, so there is no advantage to themselves for working extra hard; and threatening to terminate them would be - some days - like setting them free. 

People are internally motivated when they believe that what they are doing is important.  Bossing a person around like a slave makes them feel belittled and insignificant.   

People want to be respected.  Deriding someone who went through strict training and is a professional at what they do is even less effective.

People need to be equipped.  People are motivated to do what they believe in when they are given the tools they need to succeed.  Even when working with professionals, the "boss" has specific expectations that are unique to his or her style of leadership.  No employee should be automatically expected to know how to please their boss.  The boss should:

1.  Communicate clearly - Make your expectations known.
2.  Avoid playing games - Employees want to trust their boss.
3.  Stop gossip - Do not promote it by having "spies".  Dividing your workers kills morale.

Whether you use the word, "boss," or "leader," these are valuable things to remember.  Ultimately, the old addage stands true:  "Leadership is Influence."  You can "Influence" by being an overbearing, command-giving tyrant.  You will always have a lot of turn-over, low morale and dissatisfied employees. 

The best employees will be working for someone who appreciates them as professionals , as colleagues, and as people.  When you can influence quality, solid and exceptional people to work toward a common goal, you will have a business, a church or a school which will produce high-quality results.

If you ever had a great working situation, what was it about your boss that influenced the positive atmosphere?  What motivates you to give your best?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Kirk Cameron and Gay Marriage


Kirk Cameron has been getting slammed for his comments on Gay Marriage.  I have listened to his answers over and over.  I have listened to the questions he was asked, over and over.  Did he come across as hating anybody?  No.  Disagreeing with anybody?  Certainly. 

If someone asked you point blank, do you support gay marriage, what would your answer be?

What will you tell your children about homosexuality when the time comes?  It is a prevalent part of our culture, and will have to be addressed whether you want to or not.

If your child comes to you and tells you that he or she is gay, how will you respond to them?

Kirk Cameron didn't go out and force these opinions on anybody.  He didn't go on the show to attack anybody.  He simply said he believes that God designed marriage in the garden of Eden with Adam and Eve.

The strongest terms he used was when he was asked point-blank if he believed homosexuality is a sin.  He should have pointed to scripture, perhaps, and let God's word do the talking, but he tried to identify human reasons to show why homosexuality is not good for civilization.  Though I might have handled it differently, I believe his point was that history has shown the best set up for a home is a married man and woman to raise the children together. 

Children need both a mother and a father.  What is the argument against this?  The booming success of our culture today compared to...?

I guess I don't understand what the controversy is all about.  Don't ask a man what he believes, then accuse him of "attacking" someone by answering. 

"Do you like the Detroit Lions?  You don't?  Why do you hate Lions' fans so much?" 

NEWS REPORT:  "Man says he hates Lions' fans!  Hate speech must be silenced!"

Read the questions he was asked one more time.  What would you have said?

Wednesday, March 07, 2012


What is the job of a good boss?  How do you measure the quality of someone who is in charge?

Results?  Are these the measure of success as a boss?  If so, what kind of results; "quality," "quantity," or "both of the above"?

Does it matter how you treat others, or are results all that matter?

Does it matter if you lack integrity, or is it all about results?

Does the morale of the place you work play into this?  If everyone hates their job under your leadership, is that their problem or yours, as the "boss"?  Does bad morale produce "quality" at work? 

Does the Bible have anything to say on this matter?  Is God concerned with how the boss behaves?

If you could say one thing to your boss - to help them be better; not for vengeance - what would you say?

Does a boss have the responsibility to set people up for success?  Should a boss equip his or her workers with all the tools they need to get the best results? 

I would love to hear your discussion on this, and then I am going to follow this post up with some ideas that I believe are very relevant and necessary to be a boss worthy of respect and honor. 

My first thought:  "Submission may be given, but honor and respect are earned."


Friday, March 02, 2012

Trouble Shooting

James asks the question:  'What is it that causes fights and quarrels among you?"  He goes on to answer it, according to what he was teaching, but I would love to hear from everyone who reads this; "What do you think is the main source of fights and quarrels in your life experience?  In your family?  In your marriage?  What is the cause of fights and quarrels in relationships in general?"

I have a few "one-word" answers.  Pride.  Selfishness.  Self-centeredness.

What about you?  What causes fights and quarrels in your life?