Wednesday, March 07, 2012


What is the job of a good boss?  How do you measure the quality of someone who is in charge?

Results?  Are these the measure of success as a boss?  If so, what kind of results; "quality," "quantity," or "both of the above"?

Does it matter how you treat others, or are results all that matter?

Does it matter if you lack integrity, or is it all about results?

Does the morale of the place you work play into this?  If everyone hates their job under your leadership, is that their problem or yours, as the "boss"?  Does bad morale produce "quality" at work? 

Does the Bible have anything to say on this matter?  Is God concerned with how the boss behaves?

If you could say one thing to your boss - to help them be better; not for vengeance - what would you say?

Does a boss have the responsibility to set people up for success?  Should a boss equip his or her workers with all the tools they need to get the best results? 

I would love to hear your discussion on this, and then I am going to follow this post up with some ideas that I believe are very relevant and necessary to be a boss worthy of respect and honor. 

My first thought:  "Submission may be given, but honor and respect are earned."


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