Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Kirk Cameron and Gay Marriage


Kirk Cameron has been getting slammed for his comments on Gay Marriage.  I have listened to his answers over and over.  I have listened to the questions he was asked, over and over.  Did he come across as hating anybody?  No.  Disagreeing with anybody?  Certainly. 

If someone asked you point blank, do you support gay marriage, what would your answer be?

What will you tell your children about homosexuality when the time comes?  It is a prevalent part of our culture, and will have to be addressed whether you want to or not.

If your child comes to you and tells you that he or she is gay, how will you respond to them?

Kirk Cameron didn't go out and force these opinions on anybody.  He didn't go on the show to attack anybody.  He simply said he believes that God designed marriage in the garden of Eden with Adam and Eve.

The strongest terms he used was when he was asked point-blank if he believed homosexuality is a sin.  He should have pointed to scripture, perhaps, and let God's word do the talking, but he tried to identify human reasons to show why homosexuality is not good for civilization.  Though I might have handled it differently, I believe his point was that history has shown the best set up for a home is a married man and woman to raise the children together. 

Children need both a mother and a father.  What is the argument against this?  The booming success of our culture today compared to...?

I guess I don't understand what the controversy is all about.  Don't ask a man what he believes, then accuse him of "attacking" someone by answering. 

"Do you like the Detroit Lions?  You don't?  Why do you hate Lions' fans so much?" 

NEWS REPORT:  "Man says he hates Lions' fans!  Hate speech must be silenced!"

Read the questions he was asked one more time.  What would you have said?

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Carol Rickerman said...

I watched the interview and I didn't like how they kept cutting him off as he was trying to answer...I loved how he said that he would be at the top of the list of sinners (let's face it...we're all in competition for that spot). I don't like how "they" always twist the gay/sin's no different than saying that pride, gossip, over eating, etc...are sins. They are all equal in God's eyes. It's a tough thing...if my kids ever came to me and said that, I think the best thing I could do would be to love them...I think that's what God would do...I'm not saying it would be easy...I have a lot of sins that make me uneasy to love too. God didn't call us to judge, but to love. He proved that when he was on who he spent his time with and in many other ways too. I'm not sure how that translates into lawmaking...I would love for marriage to stay as a union between one man and one woman for life, the way God intented it to be. I guess on that point I would just say hating people and screaming profanities at them isn't the best way to show God's love or to bring about change or to keep the laws as they were. I think sometimes in our passion for loving God we make terrible choices in how we try to present that love and I can just imagine God cringing up in heaven. I have done this millions of time and now look back and see that I was doing everything BUT showing God's love. I think it takes a lot of courage for Kirk Cameron to go on TV and stand up for what he believes in when he knows what they will be saying about him the next day.