Friday, January 13, 2006

How political should we become?

Have we become more of a political "special interest group" than a world-changing "new creation" of God? How far should we go in the inerest of trying to force a sinful world to behave with Christian values? How much time is spent trying to make people act right than we are trying to spread the good news of Jesus Christ? Is it effective in our witness to get angry at sinful behavior in a sinful society, or should we focus on showing love to the sinners who are bound by their sins? Most importantly, among believers, is it worth causing division in the body of Christ by arguing over which political party is right? Are either of the political parties right?

These are questions the church is going to have to deal with intentionally over the coming years, or we are destined to forget what we are and where our citizenship truly is. Yes, I believe America has been blessed by God, but it isn't because of our written codes or political practices. It is because the people putting those written codes into practice believed in God and desired to please Him. In the past, our leadership has operated with a genuine respect for God, from their hearts. Forcing people who don't genuinely hold God in the highest honor to act like they do is a huge mistake, because the outward actions fool only men, not God. God sent us into the world to change people, not governments. When the people are truly changed, they will elect government leaders who truly honor God, and His blessing will remain on us. The immorality that is running so rampant in America is connected directly to the rejection of God by the people. If the church is doing its job of reaching the lost and making disciples, it will be reflected in the leadership we elect.

So church, are we going to be a political party or the hands and feet of Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world? How should we then invest our time and efforts - Fighting the lost or saving the lost?

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