Thursday, September 01, 2011

What Style of Evangelism Works?

Many churches are struggling to get our message - the Gospel - out in a positive way.  Some are using food give-away's and mission works to "Evangelize", some are still trying to get people into the church to listen to the gospel, and others are going door to door with a "confrontational" evangelism.

I am interested to hear of successful methods of evangelism - ideas that are currently working.  I am not asking for how you were brought to the Lord, but how you ARE CURRENTLY, EFFECTIVELY reaching your community and seeing lives transformed.

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Jen Johnson said...

I suppose my current style of evangelism is simply living a life of integrity and making my beliefs known to others. I also pray daily that God uses me as He sees fit and to open opportunities to share the message with others. If you pronounce that your life has been changed by accepting Christ, but your lifestyle isn't any different than those around you, the message you share won't be taken seriously. My approach hasn't made an immediate impact, but those around me know where I stand and come to me with questions about faith. At that point, I am there to listen and share the great things God has done in my life and why I have chosen this lifestyle.