Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Reaching the Lost vs. Trying to Grow

Churches are trying this new thing they are calling "Ancient Future Worship", or some similar name. The three stated standards or values of the Ancient-Future movement are:

1. A return to the ancient roots of the first centuries of the church.
2. Connection of the church body to each other
3. Authenticity in a changing world.

It sounds good to start, but as you get into the decided ramifications of these values, you find that there is a great potential to bend on the hard truths that divide denominations. Potentially, this church would just not deal with these issues any longer. Does that matter? Should we be ecumenical, no matter the compromise? If someone claims to be a Christian, do we just jump in with them and allow their interpretation to coexist with ours, no matter the differences?

If you are a reader, look up Robert E. Webber on He has a series of books on this concept, and actually coined the phrase "Ancient Future". The has posted their concerns about the movement, along with the entire "emergent church" movement. Between the two of these resources, along with committed prayer, you will gain insight into the validity of this theology and make wise decisions for yourself and your family.


Phil said...

Heya! Miss you guys...

Sue W. said...

I ran into this when I looked it up, here's a correction on the web address:

Ryan Budde said...

Thanks, Sue. I made the correction. Miss you, too, Phil. :)