Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Is God's Will Always Done?

"I guess if it happened that way then it must have been God's will."

Have you ever heard anyone address a situation that way? Do you agree with it?

I have a couple of thoughts on this I will post after some healthy discussion on the concept. Feel free to leave comments (On topic) by clicking the link under this post.


Jackie :) said...

hey Ryan this Todd, just wanted you to know I'm using jack's password thing to post on this topic. Well I think every one has heard this said and tried to use it as a way to rationalize events that have happened. My personal opinion on this is to say not to dwell on the "why" it happened, just accept where you are and go from there. What ever has happened has already happened and we have to go on, so figure out the best thing to do next and do it. Worrying about why it happened accomplishes little. -- But we as humans are too complicated and the "why" always has to come up if we want to learn from and avoid doing something that leads to a bad outcome. I think of Em Lidiard and all the "whys" she has asked, and the lack of answers she can stamp a "definite" on. None is the answer. I believe with "free will" God has created a sort-of pick your own ending story. Don't get me wrong He knows what we will do, but the options are always there for us to ponder. We have God in our hearts telling us to do right and the devil living in the world telling us that right can be many things, and these many things lead us to poor decisions that result in bad outcomes. Do we say it is God's will for us to have these outcomes? In a way we have to say yes. God gave us the ability to make the decision. He didn't make us all perfect without potential to make bad decisions (sin), otherwise why even make us and put us on earth? Just speed pass us right on to heaven. haha No way we have to develop love and faith and put it together and make the decisions He would want us to make. So when people say it was God's will, I guess I would have to say yes it was, but doesn't mean the saga ends with that one event. NO it means, if we are questioning why a bad outcome happened we need to look at what God is trying to say? What is God trying to teach? Who is God trying teach? Who is God trying to get me to reach out to? The questions can go on and on, and I believe that many more than one question can be asked by God from each outcome. The vastness of how far a person can go thinking about this topic is probably difficult for any of to fathom, but we have to remember that God is the only one who is all knowing. He has a plan that we can't comprehend and it reaches so far out from each of us that even if He flashed us a glance of His plan we would only have more and more questions. Bottom line--It is God's will. We don't understand and we couldn't understand even if He tried to tell us why. We just have to go on faith that it is His plan and it is right. Bad things happen. Good things happen. Everything effects the next, we can never be far-seeing enough to see how everything is effected, but God is real and God is good and His will be done on earth as it is in heaven. We can't change it, we can only have faith in Him and and let His love steer our decisions. Keep on keepin on. Your pal Toddy

Phil said...

We have a soldier back from Iraq in our church that lost both of his legs from a roadside bomb. He asked me this question.

I told him and his wife that if God is sovereign (and I believe He is) there are only two options: either He caused it or He allowed it, which means He has a plan for it in both cases.

The tricky part is believing that our troubles now are "light and momentary" because they don't feel that way. It's easy to look at someone else and say I have it worse than they do and hard to say that God has chosen me to glorify Him through this.